Ion Cleanse with Rachel Smartt

Ion Cleanse is part of my Smartt Transformations Wellness Detox Program. It helps my clients accelerate healthier results and get good habits moving in the right direction.

Detoxification is a vital component of any holistic practice. Since toxicity sabotages every system of the body and clogs up cellular communication for optimal health, clearing it out will greatly complement and enhance other services like chiropractic adjustments, colon therapy, massages, etc.  My clients get all of the benefits of an incredible detox program, and most never feel a detox reaction. I offer ion detox foot bath therapy to clients who want to:

  • Purge heavy metals
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Eliminate yeast build-up
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Clean and purify the kidney
  • Rid body of parasites
  • Enhance immune system
  • Clear mental fog

Ion Cleanse Study Document and Ion Cleanse Heavy Metal Report

"What is an ionic detox foot bath?"

An ionic detox foot bath is a natural method of assisting the body in eliminating harmful toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful foreign matter.

It is a safe therapy for anyone over the age of 8 years old except for those who wear pacemakers or have seizures. This is a complementary therapy for people who have accumulated many stored toxins and are not able to get rid of them efficiently due to high stress –physically, emotionally, and through working in a chemically toxic environment.  This is particularly beneficial for those who take many medications and want to jump-start their health in a fast, affordable, and relaxing way. Since I am a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a Holistic Health Coach, your experience will be enhanced through empowering education and support.

Expectations: Most people feel very relaxed and find great mental clarity afterward. Some people who suffer from excessive toxicity may experience minor discomfort during elimination or slight fatigue. However, the majority feel invigorated and energized. I encourage all clients to drink plenty of water which will help enhance the detoxification.  The sessions last around 30 to 40 minutes. I recommend that clients buy a foundation package of 6 detox foot baths for the best jump-start cleanse.

During the session, the client sits in a comfortable chair. Clients might feel a slight tingling sensation from the ionic detox foot bath.

Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath Therapy Overview 18 min


Dr. Rachel Smartt ND.,

23+ yrs. Naturopathic Doctor, Mind/Body Confidence Coach, Author,
Business Mentor, Speaker, Momma of 4

Ion Cleanse Pricing ~

  • $50.00 for a Single Medical Grade Ion cleanse detox food bath session

    o Session Last for 30 minutes

    o Family and Friends Discount (ask me how)


  • Recommend: Purchase upfront Package of 6 ion cleanses detox foot bath sessions- $45.00 X 6= $270.00 savings ($30.00)


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