Harmonic Frequency and Light Therapy with Rachel Smartt

Improves sleep, hormones, speeds up healing, aids in + body contouring, increase collogen in the skin, improves metabolism, nitric oxide, circulation/detoxification, increase enhanced DNA response.


Dr. Rachel Smartt ND.,

23+ yrs. Naturopathic Doctor, Mind/Body Confidence Coach, Author,
Business Mentor, Speaker, Momma of 4

404-664-5497   ~rachel@smartttransformations.com

Harmonic Frequency and Light Therapy Pricing ~

  • 20 min- $50.00

  • 30 min $60.00

  • 60 min $75.00

  • Bundle of 6 Treatments- Get one 30 min session FREE.



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404-664-5497 ~ rachel@smartttransformations.com