√ navigate uncertainty with confidence, resiliency and strong faith

√ believe in miracles and embrace the future with optimism, clarity and hope

√ recognize God's voice and live with fulfillment and peace


Rachel and Sarah Smartt, mother, and daughter, have co-authored a Christian autobiography about their family’s triumph over trials and tragedies. Their deepest desire is to share how God served them through their most difficult hours, transformed their lives, and filled their hearts with gratitude for the Savior’s tender mercies and miracles.

"Modern Day Miracles is an extraordinary story of a valiant family whose faith invoked the miraculous." - Bryce D. Gibby

Published Author, Motivational Speaker, and Business Entrepreneur

Kathrine Lee, founder, and director of the Pure Hope Foundation, states, "When I finished the book, I was left speechless. The Smartt women allow us to witness the active and personal God of miracles. Everyone needs to read this book."

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About the Authors

About Rachel

Rachel Smartt, a Naturopathic Doctor, and Nutritional Counselor, reside in Peachtree City, Georgia. She lectures nationally and trains locally on the power of whole food nutrition, staying positive in a negative world, and living authentically.

Rachel is on a mission to inspire healthy living worldwide through her work as a top leader with the Juice Plus+ Company. A Lean Corporate Wellness Coach with the Sears Wellness Institute, she is passionate about prevention and anti-aging. As a Certified Dream Coach with Dream University, she enjoys coaching others toward finding their passions, removing obstacles, and limiting beliefs.

Rachel is devoted to family and loves spending time with her four grown daughters, their husbands, and their grandchildren.


About Sarah

Sarah Smartt graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a dual degree in Spanish Education and ESL Education. Currently, she teaches English as a Second Language at a High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Alongside her teaching, Sarah enjoys volunteering at Make-A-Wish Foundation and helping children with life-threatening medical conditions realize their dreams. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking new recipes, and promoting healthy living alongside her mother.


What people are saying . . .

"Modern Day Miracles is a MUST READ. This compelling journey of faith, resiliency and miracles will offer valuable insights on how to journey through major life challenges with Courage, Hope, and Divine Answers."

– New York Time Best Selling Author Raymond Aaron

"Modern Day Miracles is an extraordinary story of a valiant family whose faith invoked the miraculous. The outset of their experience is not uncommon, for to live is to face serious challenges. Nonetheless, much can be gleaned from their responses to heart-rending circumstances. Rachel and Sarah’s words attest that hope is happiness."

– Bryce D. Gibby Published Author, Motivational Speaker and Business Entrepreneur

"Rachel and Sarah Smartt tell a story that is truly miraculous. Their love, their struggles, and their faith drew down the powers of heaven — and lift all who read their words. An enlightening, inspiring book, a story to cherish."

– Victoria Wilcox Award-winning author, Southern Son: The Saga of Doc Holliday

"Modern Day Miracles is a book to which we can all relate: Rachel and Sarah share their powerful story of facing obstacles –– and overcoming them by faith. They highlight the often unexpected, sometimes imperceptible, yet always extraordinary ways God lights our path through even the most painful and challenging moments in life."

– Bethany Rooney American Television Director and Producer

"The Smartt women open our eyes and allow us to witness the active and personal God of miracles. Everyone needs to read this book—an offering of love, hope, and faith. The depth of the spiritual lessons learned will move the hearts of every reader."

– Kathrine Lee Life & Business Strategist Founder of Pure Hope Foundation

"When I first heard Rachel Smartt’s story, I felt an urgency to retell her story. Every time I did, I wept and not because I felt pity for Rachel and her daughters. My tears were shed because this family’s story transformed me. Deeply. This family journeys through great trials, suffering and loss. They turn to God as their most sacred partner, and with all humility, they allow God and God alone to transform them in who He wants them to be. This book will bless, inspire and transform everyone who reads it."

– Kim Douglas Director of Transformation Now–Writing to Transform the World