Nutritional Counseling

When you have health, anything is possible. When you don’t, nothing else really matters. Rachel Smartt, ND

When you have health you have the chance to live life at the highest level possible. In my 20 years as a wellness expert, I have learned that health begins at the cellular level. When we begin to experience symptoms of being ill, it’s usually after 70% to 90% of disease has already occurred at a celluar level.

Food has the power to affect not only our bodies but also our lives and future. Our daily health quest should be focused on prevention rather than being reactive after a health scare, a diagnosis, or loss of a loved one. Nourishing our bodies with whole foods will prevent elevated blood sugar, tissue inflammation and gut issues.

Through Nutritional Counseling, I teach my clients how to create healthy habits for long term success. I educate my clients on the root causes of disease, how to detoxify their physical bodies and find ways to heal from the inside-out. I also coach clients who may be physically fit but not happy emotionally. Many clients I work with are struggling to absorb nutrition from their food.

I empower my clients to eat more plants and fill in nutritional gaps with simple, science-based premium whole food concentrates. I helped my husband battle terminal cancer for over 8 years with success through a plant-based diet, positive thinking, staying spiritual strong and grateful. Through my nutritional program, my clients learn how to reprogram their taste buds and more importantly, how to eat with a inner awareness and ultimately create new healthy long-term habits.

The right foods will invigorate you mentally and liberate you psychologically! Whether in group, one on one or through the phone, you will discover how to make simple “tweaks” in lifestyle, with a positive mindset to create Smartt Transformations.