What they are saying about

Dr. Rachel Smartt…

“ Dr. Rachel is a living breathing testimony. She has risen from the ashes of sorrow and suffering with a winning attitude that transfers over beautifully in her workshops, webinars, and seminars. She speaks to the heart, motivates and inspires change.” Paul M. Atlanta Georgia

“Dr. Rachel is a leader of influence and significance I have seen her empower others through seminars for over 18 years. Her workshops, coaching, real life experience and heartfelt personal stories allow all that attend to find inner strength and turn small steps into great accomplishments.” David M. Peachtree City, Georgia

“She captured my heart with her story of resiliency, transparency, and transformation.  Julie Irvine, California

“Working with Dr. Rachel, I was able to create one change at a time. She has a powerful gift of igniting the warrior within me and others through her programs, workshops, and speaking.  Bob E. San Francisco, California

“Dr. Rachel has taught me that health is a process and a journey combined with smart thinking, clean eating, and nourishing beautiful relationships. She helps break down the inner barriers that hold people back from being whom they were born to be.” Anita M., Newnan Georgia

Health Transformations with

Dr. Rachel Smartt…

“Most health care professionals treat symptoms and leave the causes alone. Rachel has learned and masterfully teaches the fundamentals of rebuilding the body’s defenses and helping the body eliminating toxic build up that create symptoms in the mind, body, and soul. I referred Rachel to a young couple who could not have children many years ago.

They had been to all the medical specialists, spent a fortune. Still, the young mother could not carry a child to full term. They followed Rachel’s teachings and nutritional counseling. They got back to basics with simple nutrition, fueling the body with alkaline healing foods. They cut out sweets, added more variety of fruits and vegetables. Rachel gave them solutions to help them reduce their intake of meats. Not many months passed and the wife conceived and carried her baby to full term, giving birth to a vibrant and healthy new life.” B. Gibby- Utah

“Rachel is one of the few people I know that can educate and inspire others to make changes even in great difficulty and challenges. She has a genuine interest in serving others. She has become a tremendous blessing to so many who have suffered from health difficulties and heartache through a lack of understanding. Sally G- Texas

As an author of “Modern Day Miracles”, she shares her authentic life story in a way that empowers others to maintain hope and a fighting spirit. She teaches in her workshops that your wounds largely open doors to individual core callings.

Rachel believes inside of every person there is faith and resiliency. Many people fear death and struggle going through trials and doubt Gods wisdom and direction. Rachel shows others in her speaking and coaching programs how to embrace change, trust God and soar upward.  Julie F- Sandy Utah