Dr. Rachel Smartt

“Dr. Rachel is a living, breathing testimony. She has risen from the ashes of sorrow and suffering with a winning attitude that transfers over beautifully in her workshops and seminars. She speaks to the heart, motivates and inspires change.”
– Paul M. Atlanta, Georgia

“Dr. Rachel is a leader of influence and significance. I have seen her empower others through seminars for over 18 years. Her workshops, coaching, real life experiences and heartfelt, authentic stories allow all that attend to and inner strength and make small steady steps.”
– David M., Peachtree City, Georgia

“She captured my heart with her story of resiliency, transparency, and transformation.”
—Julie F., Irvine, California

“Working with Dr. Rachel, I was able to create one change at a time. She has a powerful gift of igniting the warrior within me and others through her programs, workshops, and speaking.”
—Bob E., San Francisco, California

“Dr. Rachel has taught me that health is a process and a journey combines with smart thinking, clean eating, and nourishing beautiful relationships. She helps break down the inner barriers that hold people back from being who they were born to be.”
—Anita M., Newnan, Georgia