Powerful Workshops by Dr. Rachel Smartt, ND

Dr. Rachel Smartt is a leader of influence and significance. I have seen her empower and equip others through seminars for over 18 years. Her workshops, coaching, real life experience and heartfelt authentic stories allow all that attend to find inner strength and make small, steady changes with a shift in mind, body and spirit. 

David Moore - Attorney in Peachtree City, Georgia

Wellness Workshops (Call to Book Now)

  • Rachel guarantees the Success as an effective Speaker at your Live or Virtual Event
  • 20+ years of speaking experience
  • Sought-after speaker for Civic, Schools, Corporate Trainings, Lunch & Learns and In-Home Events
  • Speaks on a variety of topics:
    • Wholistic Wellness
    • Personal Growth
    • Psychology of Eating

Eating Smart

  • The Simplicity of Eating Clean
  • Tame your Taste Buds and your Waistline
  • Rachel’s Recipe for Peak Health
  • Cancer Battle Plan
  • Age with Confidence
  • Beauty by the Bite

Attacking Disease and Age with Confidence

  • DNA is not your Destiny
  • 5 Ways you can be Proactive and Prevent Disease
  • The Truth about Food and your Future

Emotional Eating

  • The Best Tools for Working with Emotional Eating
  • Simple Strategies for Natural Appetite Regulation
  • The Unseen Connection between Metabolism and Emotion
  • Powerful Strategies for a Positive Body Image
  • Timeless Wisdom Technique for Healing your Relationship with Food

Four Smartt Essentials for Living a Joy-Filled Life

  • Learn how to Seize the day
  • Create ways to make the most out of life Challenges
  • Embrace Change
  • Serve with Confidence

 Ignite the Winner Within

  • How to unlock your True Potential
  • Deal with Your Inner Doubter
  • Take Serious Steps Forward

Positive Mind, Positive Life

  • How to Get your Head in the Game
  • Turn Obstacles into Opportunities
  • Find Joy in the Simple Things

Success and Satisfaction

  • Deal with Stress, Setbacks and Suffering
  • Survive the Big D Words- (Divorce, Death, Disaster, lost Dreams)
  • Finding Meaning and Peach through silence

5 Ways to Amplify Joy, Abundance and Miracles

  • Trust in God and the Owner Manual Within
  • Understand what brings lasting Joy
  • Be Intentional in Living
  • Firmly Commit to your Goals
  • Be Authentic to your Unique Blueprint